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Bringing new perspectives to student accommodation by capturing three years of uni life in sixty glorious seconds. "This isn't student living. Its just living."
Combating the cost of living crisis using "Tips & Tricks" from PayPal customers all around the world in a truly global campaign.
Distancing Primark from fast fashion with a global tutorial series teaching you how to repair clothes, and "love them for longer".
"Topical type" designed to raise funds for Australia's forest fire recovery and support those affected in 2021's BLM movement.
Hiring the public to model mail subscription underwear for the masses; its a package for your package.
And creating a cheeky "Sock'a Sutra" series to celebrate every body's relationship with putting on underwear. Spice up the routine.
An irresistibly eye grabbing fashion photography series living up to the name "I Saw it First".
* With credit to:
Studio Hansa: PayPal, Primark
Vitamin London: Future Generation, P&, Topic Type, I Saw it First
Put simply,
I want to do great work, for and with, great people.
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