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I'm Robert, but you can call me Bob, and I firmly believe that design has the ability to change the world.

It can change peoples' attitudes, environments and lives, so my approach towards creativity is simply to make people happy. It involves storytelling, empathy and a huge range of skills, but most important? Ideas, and with them an obsession of looking at everything from new, exciting perspectives.

Oh right, and I’m an award winning Art Director currently working at the product and production studio Vitamin London.

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Multivitamin's Sonic Branding

Bringing a family of diverse and characterful studios together under one recognisable banner; a pioneering use of sonic branding which can combine multiple studios in harmony, or stand confidently alone with their bespoke 3D renders.

Involvement: Creative & Art Direction, Lead
Categories: Strategy, Brand, Sound, 3D, Animation
Duration: 2019 - 2020
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Creating ethereal 3D renders driven by bespoke sound design, each agency within the Multivitamin group has a unique identity which independently stands alone, or can be combined with others to build multiple harmonious refrains of collaboration. This enables the cross-team skills within projects to be shown through a variety of generated sonic idents, commonly preceded with a standard introduction. The listener will quickly recognise a piece of Vitamin work by its familiar initial riser, but then have their expectations subverted as they are presented with new immersive, evolved choruses to explore. Aesthetically these idents required equally striking treatments, and so a “universe” was created for the entirety of Multivitamin’s group to live within. Following the same character traits which informed the project’s sound design specialists, Adelphoi, the renders have variables of complexity, colour and viscosity which all come to life when their sonic counterparts are added. Ultimately refined to inspire outside viewers as well as internal teams, the application of this branding follows Vitamin’s common goal of experimental and experiential results.

Future Generation

Every standard starts with a problem which needs solving. Ours was that student housing is exactly that; housing. Nothing more. With this brand truly looking at improving their resident’s futures, we as a team were able to creatively find “the more”.

Involvement: Art Direction, Lead, Copywriter, Consultant
Categories: Strategy, Brand, Content, Spatial, UX & UI, Interaction, Copywriting, Videography, Animation, 3D.
Duration: 2018 - 2019
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The market concentrates on a product rather than the experience, and other accommodations pose a staged lifestyle in their brands as opposed to the spontaneity and personal growth students really have. So we removed all notions of the norm and approached every deliverable like this brand looks at the industry. It’s about new ways of perceiving space, and demonstrating the importance of different perspectives. Creating content to these refreshing values meant speaking with and commissioning local students to write insights on their cities. Such intimate knowledge let first years feel they were already in a place they could call home. Interior design consultation lead to a thorough consideration of tiered way-finding, utilising iconography for foreign students, lighting for emphasising focal areas, and an industry first of braille signage for greater accessibility among residents. Embracing new perspectives means the brand thrives on unexpected experiences both physically and literally. The feature video depicting 3 years of student life in 60 seconds is unlike any other in the market. The spot gloss business cards prompt a keen engagement just as we hope to inspire curious minds. Tactile website interactions, an encouraging yet personable TOV and a brand culture to believe in. This is more than someone’s first, second or third year of uni; it’s supporting the start of their success story and adult life.

Pants and Socks

As a fresh way to buy underwear, this brand is about the undeniable comfort and unavoidable confidence which comes with them. It's bold, simple and cheeky as the name suggests, and proud to celebrate a modern world of diversity.

Involvement: Art Direction, Videographer, Editor, Illustrator, Copywriter.
Categories: Brand, Strategy, Content, Videography, Copywriting, Illustration, Packaging, Interaction.
Duration: 2019 - 2020
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Pants and socks are a universal experience. They are an unspoken truth. What else is unspoken? The way a brand new, fresh smelling killer set of underwear can make you feel. Branding was, therefore on a unanimously agreed track; as a service this is about the unmistakable comfort and unavoidable confidence which comes with its products. “Pants and socks” can't be skipped over either - there's a certain fundamental humour to them which had to be captured in both tone of voice and aesthetics. So the brand revolves around these inclusive sensations; it celebrates all body types with pride, consciously veering from stereotypical glossy underwear photography. Instead this shoot commissioned every-day people as models from different walks of life, while the Sock’a Sutra campaign illustrations highlight an even wider cast of diversity, both of which have inspired enthusiastic and candid conversations from viewers. The design is unmistakably bold and brutalist to represent such a strong level of confidence, as well as simplicity of service. The web experience, social media, videography, illustrations, print work and copywriting are all highly produced but with an underlying tone of cheeky wit plus surprise interactions to remind you that while these are luxurious products, they're still pants and socks.

Topic Type

How can designers use their skills to contribute towards social progression and the healing of global issues? Topic Type is just one of many possible answers to that question; a campaign of bespoke typography to ever-changing themes.

Involvement: Creative & Art Direction, Lead, Author
Categories: Typography, Strategy, Content, Thought Leadership
Duration: 2020 - 2020
Topic Type AUSTopic Type BLM

As we all get bullet-in news stories and trending events from around the world, it's easy to overlook the difference each person can make with their own skills. Where tribute logos, posters or animations are common in the creative industry, it was important that this idea not only spread awareness, but worked as an ongoing campaign which could give something back to the cause and viewers alike. Topic Type was the answer to these goals; a font series designed around the unique traits of each cause. Beginning with the Australian wildfires, TT-AUS is based on paper cutouts of Helvetica Regular, which were individually burned to represent the unpredictable devastation at a macro level and leave scarred characters to tell it's story. TT-BLM meanwhile was created by scouring hundreds of protest photos, and collecting varied letterforms from their hand-made placards. This resulted in a comprehensive typeface, founded in the graphical heart of the movement. Both distinctive Topic Type designs so far have hoped to inspire viewers, and are free for anyone who provides proof of their donation to a relevant cause.

The Pigsty Studio

Bringing the essence of traditional calligraphy, artistry and craftsmanship into a contemporary setting, the Pigsty Studio's roll out strikes balance between their relaxing countryside location and a curated gallery sophistication.

Involvement: Art Direction, Videographer, Photographer, Copywriter
Categories: Brand, Strategy, Content, Videography, Photography, Copywriting, Tactile Design, UX & UI
Duration: 2019 - 2020
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Having nearly 30 years of experience, the Pigsty Studio is a family business of calligraphy, illustration and all round artwork. Found in the quiet British countryside a thorough rebrand was in order to keep pace with the modern world. Building the brand on three traits, it had to maintain an emphasis on the romantic location which captures the imaginations of customers. It had to emphasise the personal service given to each commission. And it had to present the exceptional craftsmanship in an equally reputable manner. The logo took shape with elegant calligraphy and a succinct tagline of "Countryside Calligraphy". Its symbol, a small spotted pig, serves as a quaint character I hand cast in a wax seal stamp to make every gift memorable. Filming a showcase of the daily process within the cosy studio, viewers are greeted with a personal glimpse to the artist's life. This intimate charm is continued with descriptive copy written from the artist's perspective, meticulous artwork photography to highlight every considered detail, and local landscape heroes changing with the seasons for a greater human connection; all juxtaposed with a minimal white layout suggesting the refinement of a gallery exhibition.

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