I'm Robert Lloyd, but you can call me Bob,
and I believe good design has the ability to change the world.

I'm Robert Lloyd
(but you can call me Bob)

And I believe good design
has the ability to change
the world.

It can change peoples' attitudes, environments and lives, so my approach toward the creative field is simply to make people happy. Using storytelling to improve and help whatever subject might be taken on, while incorporating my broad spectrum of disciplines with a burning enthusiasm. These cover illustration both digital and physical, copywriting, typography, photography, videography, animation, coding, physically crafting and 3d modeling. But most importantly, ideas!
The masthead image above was shot to encapsulate elements of me, from my adoration of classic and current gaming or music, to quirky irregularities such as a love of hedgehogs, Lego, and my nickname Bobzilla.

Throughout my practice and education I have maintained a high standard of work, and enjoyed a range of freelance projects inside personal time. Having graduated with a First Class Honours at Birmingham's Institute of Art and Design, I was quickly hired to work as a designer where by I collaborated on various design, animation and videography briefs. During all these years I have had the privilege of working along side some fantastic creatives in collaboration, under others' leadership, as well as heading projects myself.

Most importantly though,
how can I help you?

With a diverse and intuitive skill set, accompanied by a hunger for this industry, to adapt and to grow, I relish the chance to work with other creatives or lead a team.
Ultimately aiming towards becoming a hands on art/creative director, I thoroughly believe an optimistic playful attitude is key to a productive and innovative creative environment!